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Dad - Mel Bowers, near Las Vegas, b Oklahoma?

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Posted by Matthew Bowers,, ( on May 13, 2004 at 11:50:53:

I know nothing of this branch of my family. My Dad split when I was 4 so this is fuzzy:

Marvin & Ethel, died when last living in San Bernardino, CA.
Marvin had about 3 daughters and one son, my Dad.

Dad is Mel Bowers and lives in a shack by the river... Near Las Vegas. He may have been born in Oklahoma. He had 4 boys. Marlon, Matthew, Monty (Melvin Montgomery Bowers), Michael.

Us four boys, my Dad and Grandfather all have the same initials. MMB

We each have 3 kids.


I believe that I am your father Melvin's cousin. His father, Marvin and my father Woodrow were brothers. They had an older brother, Raliegh (Jr.)a younger brother, Ivan (Bill) and a baby sister, Mildred. All of them are deceased. Their father & mother were Raliegh & Cora (Webb)Bowers from Oklahoma. My grandmother Cora passed away when my father was 5. Grandpa Bowers lived in our home in Southern California for a short while before being placed in a Rest Home in Inglewood, CA. where he lived until he passed away at age 99.

Your father had 2 sisters and I can remember the name of only 1 of them, Oma Phyllis (not sure I spelled it correctly).

My father, Woodrow was married to Viola Faye (Cook). They had 3 children. My oldest brother, Galand passed away in July of 2001. He would have been 71. My second brother Edward is still living. He is 67 and I am 58. My parents are both deceased.

I was never very close to my father's family - very disfunctional - the brothers did not get along well. I would be interested to know what became of the cousins and their families. My brother Ed might have more information.

Carole: I am the grand daughter of Raliegh J. Bowers, brother of Woodrow Bowers. I am the daughter of Mack Bowers. I read your posting to Matt (Mel's son) on
I hope that this message reaches you. I would love to speak to you. I have been in touch with Mel and Matt and also Tildy, Ruth Mildred's daughter. However, there is so much I would love to talk to you about. Please contact me @ .
Sharon Bowers Clayton