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Ray Bowers
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The PalmPilot Tutorial

Back in 1997, PDA's were a new and somewhat cryptic technology. I bought a PalmPilot Professional. What a great tool for a consultant always on the go -- address book, calendar, to do list, memo pad, games, etc. I carried it with me everywhere!

Of course back then, they were not as well documented, often needed additional programs and although they told you what things did, they did not tell you how or why. So I had this idea to write a simple tutorial showing people how to use them, what programs they may want to download and also how to easily do things step by step, such as loading spread sheets of data into your address book, etc.

Well, given that as of this update (March 2004) I have not updated these pages in this century, it is time to take them down. Fortunately, PDAs have come along way, they are easier to use and being far more common, it is easier to find someone to ask questions. Still, in case you wander in here looking for help, try the following links to sites with plenty of software, or if they do not help, feel free to e-mail.

Take care,

Ray Bowers

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