Sorry for the change folks. After unmanageable problems with my prior hosting site, I have ditched it and am simplifying things. When I started back in the 90's it was a fun project. I mainly wanted the domain so I could have an easy email address. For the website, I thought it might be neat to set up a message board to connect with other Bowers around the world. I went through a couple setups over the decades, and dealt with spammers, botnets, software upgrade issues, hosting problems, etc. Ultimately, the effort it took to maintain the website was not worth it given there are so many other better systems out there for setting up communities and networking. Especially given the genealogical sites, the home DNA test sites, etc.

No plans to ever sell the domain. I just don't have any plans on what I want to do with it next yet...

Take care,

Ray Bowers